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Brand Ambassador / Salesperson / Chef

From fantastic foods to kitchen electrics, popular DRTV products to the latest outdoor products. Michael utilizes his 20 yrs experience and diverse background and unique presentation skills to represent the greatest brands in the market today. With a proven track record of high sales, Michael is recognized internationally as one of the most sought after brand sales ambassador in his field.

With Michael's diverse background in health and fitness, culinary and his passion for the outdoors makes Michael the ideal person to represent your product. Consulting with the top companies in their field.  Michael has an international list of clients from all over Canada, US and Europe.  

TV Host

T.V Host

From his experience on a travel show, commercials and guest on popular TV shows, Michael has over 20 yrs. experience being in front of the camera. A regular guest presenter on the Shopping Channel Canada, Michael has proven himself as a trusted and experienced guest. 

Healthy Living Advocate


With a back ground in health and fitness promotion, Michael enjoys teaching and promoting healthy ways of living. He believes in a holistic approach to living incorporating a strong connection to mind body and spirit.

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